Here is a link to a video of David Kelley of IDEO talking to Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes. My wife urged me to watch it based upon what I am trying to do with Craft Beer Coach. I saw some tweets about it but did not get around to watching it until last night.

She could not have been more right. She’s right a lot.

Anyway, David’s concept of “design thinking” is key to your success going forward. If you haven’t noticed, we are in the age of one-off creations and innovations. And the availability of channels to communicate your one-off idea leaves little excuse not to try. This is the new paradigm for true career success based upon passion. Your idea making a difference in people’s lives.

You know you have an idea you want to tease into some form of a reality. Everyone of us has an idea about something that could be done differently.

Do you really want to remain in line behind everyone ahead of you simply because they’ve been at the company longer than you? “Seniority” means hardly anything anymore. Why are teens able to start multi-million dollar ventures?

If you are fed up with waiting your turn, this is the time to strike. There are multiple communication channels. There are ways to get funding without having to approach a bank (crowdfunding). There are more ways to join groups that will help push you threw the rough patches than ever.

Time to wake up to your contribution to design thinking. It does not mean you have to get a job at IDEO to make it happen. You can do it in your garage…your kitchen…on your smartphone.


Craft beer is rampant with design thinking. Why?

Because scores of people just like you are bringing their one-off idea to the surface and turning it into a reality. It is happening so much you can almost physically feel the entire industry lifting itself to a higher position day to day.

Black IPA…nano-brewing…brewpubs…beer with cucumber in it…pumpkin ales…the resurrection of ancient styles…sour beers…a beer made from Sea Buckthorn berries ( I have one in my fridge!)…collaboration brews…beers with vanilla, bacon, maple syrup, or chocolate in them. All design thinking.

You don’t have to give a shit about craft beer to make it happen for you. All you need is the example of how others are doing it and you can do it too in your own way…in communications…in health…in computer science, etc… It’s pretty simple. It’s happening in craft beer because it is based upon the expression of an individual passion. When your passion is in play, you will figure out any issue that is preventing your passion’s ultimate expression.

Think of one thing you are absolutely passionate about. You’ll know you have brought it to the surface when you get chills thinking about it. Do this on a regular basis and that passion will become part of your everyday consciousness.

Now think of one way that passion is not currently being done.

Start Brainstorming around those two pieces of information. Leave all options on the table until you’ve teased each one far enough out to know whether or not it is viable. Even then, just set those ideas aside, do not throw them out.

Notice how that feels. Don’t forget how it feels when you are actively letting your passion rise to the surface and you are tossing around ideas of how to make it a reality. It causes a physical sensation. Why wouldn’t you want work to feel this way everyday?

Design thinking starts with you letting your passion rise to the surface and figuring out how that passion can create an innovative new approach to providing and experience or solution to others.

Be the change you want to see in life.

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